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Foto Pemenang Kategori Pemuda Sony World Photography Awards 2014

night train little girl portrait
Winner, Youth, Portraits: The photograph was taken during my journey to China in November 2013 with my best friend. The photograph was taken while we were on a night train. We stayed there for 24 hours, so I was in a confined space for a quite limited amount of time. I got up early in the morning to get out and to capture the atmosphere you could find amongst the travelers. And then I found that girl who attracted my attention from the very first moment I saw her. Somehow, she perfectly conveyed a sense of the atmosphere that was present amongst the many travelers on the train. Most of them were waiting eagerly to reach their individual destinations, many of them looking out of the window and watching the world pass by as the train sped through the country, completely captivated by the landscape flying by. (© Paulina Metzscher, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

Racism within ballet
Winner, Youth, Culture Category: This image is from a larger project about racism within ballet as a profession. (© Anastasia Zhetvina, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

Rail tracks living
Winner, Youth, Environment Category: This photo was taken at Kawranbazar Slum, Dhaka; where people live along with two rail tracks on both of the sides and when there is no train, this rail tracks become their common space. I realized that this place has a lot of visual potential. One day, while returning home after a day long shoot (not having very interesting photos) suddenly I saw, one little girl feeding a kid standing just right in the middle of the two tracks. At that moment the rail tracks were telling me that this should be my frame and I clicked. (© Turjoy Chowdhury, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)



2014 Sony World Photography Awards

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