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Foto Pemenang Kategori Terbuka Sony World Photography Awards 2014

Sony World Photography Awards Winners

Sony World Photography Awards telah mengumumkan nama para pemenang dari kompetisi foto dengan tema dan kategori Terbuka (Open Competition), Pemuda (Youth Award), Nasional (National Award). Para pemenang dipilih dari lebih dari 70.000 entri yang dikirimkan oleh para fotografer baik pemula, amatir hingga fotografer profesional dari seluruh dunia. Keseluruhan nama pemenang dan hasil penjurian untuk kategori final akan diumumkan pada tanggal 30 April.

Kali ini saya ingin berbagi inspirasi foto-foto yang merupakan hasil jepretan para pemenang dan runner-up pada kompetisi Sony World Photography Awards 2014. Semua keterangan foto (dalam bahasa Inggris) sepenuhnya berasal dari fotografer.

Pemenang Kategori Terbuka (Open Competition) :

41 tram station
Winner, Low Light, Open Competition: Bucharest, Turda Blvd., 41 tram station. As the weather got worse in the evening, I hesitated to use the camera before. Before i spotted one interesting situation, with pedestrians walking against car lights, on a zebra crossing. The snow had become chaotic as sharp cold wind became annoying. Cars where barely advancing, the light was difficult, the woman with umbrella was standing there petrified. I pulled out the camera and took the picture, handheld, marking the first snow of the year. (© Vlad Eftenie, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

milky way arch
Winner, Panoramic, Open Competition: A stitched panorama capturing the Milky Way arch form south to north above the lighthouse in Capo Spartivento, south Sardinia, at 4am, in April of 2013. (© Ivan Pedretti, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

pony in the snow
Winner, Nature and Wildlife, Open Competition: I came out of my car for a quick shot in the snow. The country lanes were slippery. I walked through the cold snow to get to the Pony. When I got there I realized that I had the wrong lens on my camera for the effect that I wanted. So I went back, changed lenses and made the picture, and came closer than I wanted. (© Gert van den Bosch, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

rain in ancient town
Winner, Travel, Open Competition: My photo "Rain in Ancient Town" was shot in southern China - Phoenix Town - which shows a scene of people traveling in the rain during the rainy season. In the background there are old residential buildings and an old stone bridge. (© © Chen Li, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

Winner, Split Second, Open Competition: This image was captured in a village in Kuantan, Pahang. Malaysia, with a high shutter speed, using available light only. (© Hairul Azizi Harun, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

base of the staircase
Winner, Architecture, Open Competition: In an office building in Cologne I went down to the base of this staircase, set up my tripod, and fixed it in the middle with a wide-angle 10-24mm lens. (© Holger Schmidtke, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)



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